Ice cream sandwiches

all ya hungry children, come and eat ’em up.

I discovered a wonder of modern science a few days ago, thanks to a good friend’s recommendation. I think I’m built for colder climates, because hot weather makes me sweat like a pig. Oink. Even dipped in antiperspirant, I’ll end up sweating enough to make me hold my arms to my sides in fear for the rest of the day. No longer!

For any of your other locals who suffer from hyperhidrosis, your salvation has arrived. It’s Certain-Dri! And before you say this is spam, it’s not. It’s just a bit o’ friendly advice for those whose bodies attempt to create their own wading pool every summer.

To celebrate my newly dry armpits, I’ll be braving the city for a couple of social excursions this weekend. Tomorrow night is dinner, beer, and some pool over in Tempe with the college kids. Saturday is dinner, gin & tonic, and some karaoke over in Phoenix with the blogger kids et al. And then Sunday is all for me. I’ve been reading Atlas Shrugged… 1400 pages should be enough to soak up the rest of the summer.

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