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Yeah, but it is cheap…

We moved here with five suitcases, one filled with coffee paraphernalia. Everything else was given away or sold. The decision to move then the actual move happened in just three weeks. Most of our stuff was getting old and it would not be worth it to hire movers. So out it went.

Thank Ingvar for Ikea.

Yes, I know. But when you leave everything you have 2,500 miles away and need temporary furniture (this is how I am justifying it), I am glad Ikea is hea. 750USD later we have a bed set, chairs, TV stand, new dishes, and other stuff. A TV for Presh and we are set.

I went shopping for a TV. OMFG!!! TVs have changed since I last bought one. Who pays 3,000USD for a TV?!?

Stinkin’ Rain

One of the great things about Phoenix is the weather. It sounds cliche to say, “Well it’s a dry heat” but it is. I’d much rather be in 110 with no humidity, than 90 with 80%.

But let me tell you why I’m not a big fan of the rain.

First there’s my dog Pepper. She’s a beagle, super cute, and about 10, maybe 12 years old. I adopted her from the pound about 5 years ago, and she’s made a great addition to the family.

Now my house has a doggie door, which Pepper learned right away, which was great. Then after a while, I started noticing puddles on my tile after a night of rain. These just aren’t little spots either, they’re small lakes forming in my living room. Good times to be sure.

Well I can only theorize that she doesn’t like getting wet, or doesn’t like getting her paws muddy or something, because she won’t go outside when it rains. I end up getting a bucket full of bleach and hot water to clean it up, so my house smells like the Cactus Park pool for the next week. Good times.

Then there’s my other problem, the car situation. See I build custom cars and trucks, and I’ve got this whole 3-car rotation thing worked out that’s super complicated, and probably won’t interest you, but just in case, here’s a link.

Anywho, one of these projects is in the middle of bodywork, so there’s some bare metal, no windows, and some bare filler on it. It’s one of those things that really shouldn’t be left in the rain, so it stays in my little 2-car garage next to my other project.

Well on Wed, my lovely girlfriend Kirsten is going off for a family reunion, and will be gone for a week and a half. That means her car will be here, which means I can get a big project done on my 2nd project. It’s part of a tech article which I’m doing for one of the magazines I write for, and the 10 days that she’s gone means lots of time for me to get it done, and a vehicle to drive.

But to DO this project, the 1st truck needs to be parked outside. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem but…

Apparently it’s going to rain all week long. Now I’ve got to find a place to store my baby which is nearby the casa in N. Scottsdale, is either free or cheap, which won’t let it get wet. Yeah good luck with that.

Stinkin’ rain.

Thunderstorms and All My Children

I don’t know what the wind was like in your neighborhood tonight, but it was downright scary in mine. So scary in fact, that I kept looking out the windows at the clouds for funnels. Maybe I was just paranoid because my husband wasn’t home at the time, but whatever the case, the storm wasn’t all that enjoyable. Even my 8 month old could sense my anxiety and got a worried look on her face as I was changing her diaper. Luckily, a few words in my “happy mommy” voice and she was smiling again. The dogs, on the other hand, followed me everywhere I went, and I do mean everywhere. This is nothing new, but since half of our house is off limits because we are getting new tile put in, and the other half is full of the stuff we had to move out, they were dangerously underfoot, especially when trying to carry a baby around. Finally, though, my husband got home, the storm let up a bit, I got to actually enjoy the cool lightning show, and all was right with the world.

Get in free on Sundays

To the Pueblo Grande museum, that is.

A long time ago (about 1500 years ago, to be exact) in a place far far away (well, ok, now it’s nestled right between the airport, a freeway, & a canal) there was a thriving community of people. They built houses, sports facilities, religious buildings, observatories, and canals. They farmed and designed artwork & functional objects. They lived, laughed, worked and played.

Then they disappeared.

It is like I am on a blind date…

Well, I have finally arrived back in Phoenix and I am very very nervous. The last time I was here was for a conference a few dozen degrees ago.

Then three weeks ago, I found out that we were moving here. My wife has accepted a new position and signed a lease.

Three weeks ago I was finishing up my five year strategic plan at work and hiring staff. Three weeks ago I was still unpacking boxes from a move six months ago. Three weeks ago it was a cool 78 degrees.

Today, I meet Phoenix again for the first time. I am freaking out. I have been here twice for meetings. But there is a difference between dating and marriage, and I really have not had my first real date with Phoenix. No real date and I find myself walking down the aisle.

It is like I am on a blind date. My friends tell me she’s hot. Oh boy…

What’s up with the bullet holes?

Fake ones, that is. Twice in two days now I’ve seen cars with fake bullet hole stickers across the back. One was a slightly dented Nissan Sentra, and the other was an old Ford Galaxie. I’m reasonably sure they weren’t real, because the holes were identical and there were no indentations in the metal. So is there some purpose to the stickers that’s escaped me? And if there is, do I even want to know?

Hot damn… cold concrete

So my girlfriend and I decided to rip up the carpet in my house. The dog had peed one too many times, and it was an ugly desert sand color anyways. We appreciate modern design, therefore we plan on simply sealing the concrete to give it the “wet look”. Sure we could stain it, but eh, concrete stain is stinky and you have to use another stinky sealer on top of the stain. A company called Jasco makes a simple concrete sealer that sells for $12 a gallon and will coat 400+ sq. ft. if applied with a roller.

I really don’t understand why more folks in AZ don’t appreciate concrete and/or tiled floors. As soon as we had the carpet out, I noticed the whole house felt a bit cooler, and therefore set the digital thermostat a degree warmer. It will be interesting to see the difference it makes in cooling and heating bills. It really shouldn’t affect the heating bills too much as I prefer cold weather. You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so much off before you’re naked and still hot.

I recently had a brand new 12 SEER heat pump installed on my roof, and my summer AC bill went down $100+ dollars! On top of that, this summer has definitely been hotter than last summer, so it sure was money well spent.

Now if I could only find a job…. but that’s a whole other blog :)

How you durrin’?


My name is Darin.

And I am a Blogger.

I’ve had my own blog for about 6 months now – but just recently started to take it somewhat seriously. I mean, yeah sure, I’ve posted alot on there but never really thought much about it. Do people actually read my musings? I guess so – since they left snarky comments which clearly were shameless attempts to get me to Blog more. I obliged.

NOw that it’s hottern snot outside, I find myself enjoying the A/C more and more – allowing time for my Blogging Habit to increase at an alarming rate. So much in fact, that I can’t seem to go out to a bar without someone coming up and asking, “Hey…aren’t you Darin..from All Preparation and NO H?”

Guilty. I am. Thanks for asking – and please – don’t stop reading!

I’ve lived in Phoenix for about 5 years now. Yeah, in addition to being a Blogger – I’m also a transplant to the Valley. Whodathunkit? Before Phoenix, Honolulu was my place of residence. I know..I know..why move to Phoenix? I get that question all the time. And all I can say is…well…Phoenix just has the certain je ne sais quoi quality about it. It’s big, flat, deserty, cactusy, gridy, pink underwearsy (thanks Joe!) and all around fun. All this attracted me as well as a job transfer and a Significant Other. Ironically, I am no longer suffering with that job or with that Significant Other. A Win/Win on both sides! Go ME!

However, I still have my Phoenix.

Over the past few years I have grown to appreciate the following:

The 84 year old Winter Visitors who feel the need to join in the morning commute on the 202 in the HUGEASS Winnies. Uhm..really..honest..if you waited until 8:45am – the 51/202/10 Hecktobottleneckmess clears out nicely. Trust me. I know this.

I celebrate Freeway Closures for Rubberization.

I am amazed at how slow the Airport Rental Car Arena is progressing and yet the 60 has been widened what…say..4 times…in the same time span?

I giggle at the Governor when she says she’s not lesbian and claims not to know what GLBT stands for. Sweetie..please. If the Birkenstocks fit…slip into a pair. (and don’t forget the flanel!)

I smirk when The Arizona Republic prides itself on being the Voice of Arizona – and yet daily circulation is declining. Sue Clark-Johnson are you reading this? HI POODLE!

I love Phoenix – but like most single 30somethings, I’m not sure where I’ll eventually call home but for right now it’s here. And I’m planning on making the most of it.

And why not? It’s really just a dry heat. Honest.

Now….where’d I put my margarita?

Another Phone Scam

Okay, I’ll give them credit for being original, but that’s where my compliments will cease. The latest phone scam plays upon our feeling of obligation to do our civic duty – jury duty. According to the story, they call you claiming to be with Superior Court and ask why you didn’t show up. Of course you say you never received a notice and so they go for it – asking for your date of birth and social security number so they can check it out. And then, they really try to put the fear of Joe Arpaio in you by threatening you with a warrant for your arrest.

Don’t fall for it. Hang up. The court prefers to use the post office.

Howdy all

Hey there everyone, I figured I’d take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Kevin Whipps, and I’ll be reporting about all sorts of good stuff, but mostly things relating to the North Scottsdale area, the place I call my home. I moved here from Boston, Mass back in 1987, and I’ve been in the 85260 zip ever since.

What else should you know about me? I’m a writer and photographer for several custom car and truck magazines. I also do a little stand-up here and there, so if I decide to make another stage appearance, I’ll be sure to let you know. I also build custom cars and trucks, mostly of the lowered variety. Now picture a lowered Chevy, bombing down Frank Lloyd Wright with tons of BMW’s all around you. That’s my daily commute.

Oh and I also have a website: It’s a bit baudy and crass, but that’s ok, it’s all in fun. Just know that you’ve been warned.

I’m also a long poster, and this is going to be my first experiment with Movable Type, so after the jump, let me tell you about my first drive through Scottsdale.

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